WELCOME to the region of ÖSTERGÖTLAND and the Annual Swedish Studebaker Meet

Welcome to the 2020 Annual Club Meet of Studebakerklubben – Sweden. The date is 9-12:th of July 2020 and the place is the city of Vadstena, on the east shore of lake Vättern. Vadstena received its city privileges in the 1400 and is famous for the castle. We´ll stay at the Starby Hotell, Conference & Spa. www.starbyhotell.se.  4 rooms are available for families who will bring their dogs.

Thursday: Just checking in, spontaneous socializing at the cars. Food on your own.

Friday: A trip to the Swedish Air Force Museum in Malmslätt. After seeing all the planes and related items we drive to the classic motel, from the 60´s, in Sjögesta for lunch. After that we drive back to Vadstena, on the old Highway No. 1, to Mantorp and then road 206 to Vadstena. In the evening, swapping Stude-items from the luggage compartments, buying lottery for the draw on Saturday. Finally a summer buffé.

Saturday: A trip round the lake Tåkern. We again drive on the old Highway No.1 to Väderstad. Here we can have a cup of coffee and taste their famous pastry. Here are also some vintage shops of different kind. Then, back to Vadstena, we drive to Slottsgårdens Café. We can park on the lawn grass, while having coffee or lunch at the place or just take a walk through and/or around the castle. The town is old, small and close and has many attractions. In the evening, dinner of three plates, closing with the draw of the lottery.

Sunday: Checking out. Then, there will be a Bye-Bye, and see you again next year!

Welcome Bengt & Bosse!

More information, including prices and registration, later on.

Contact: Bengt Engwall +46703733124 or vadstena2020@studebakerklubben.se